23 / 08 / 2012



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On August 23 and 24, a symposium called "Sharing lessons of green businesses for biodiversity, renewable energy and climate change" was held on the “City of Knowledge” campus in Panama.


Participants in the event included representatives of organizations involved in the promotion of sustainable production practices of goods and business services, who impact the promotion and implementation of efforts aimed at conserving the region’s biodiversity.


The event’s objective was to serve as a forum for sharing experiences on financing biodiversity-friendly, energy efficiency, and renewable energy initiatives, in addition to presenting the latest successful cases on financial mechanisms offered through different CABEI initiatives to mitigate climate change in Central America.


This activity was the most significant regional event to promote biodiversity in Central America in recent years and was a regional complement to the recent Rio + 20 Summit. At the Symposium, the Bank’s support for and financing of projects were highlighted, including Project CAMbio (Central American Markets for Biodiversity), the Accelerating Renewable Energy Investment in Central America and Panama (ARECA) project and the Green MSME Initiative, which have focused their efforts on improving biodiversity conservation and efficient renewable energy use.


The event focused on the following issues:

 The role of donors and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in promoting biodiversity related strategies.

  1. The role of Central American banks and private sector in financing green businesses and biodiversity-friendly initiatives.
  2. Alternative financing sources for mitigation and adaptation to climate change


Moderator: Chris Briggs: Regional EEG Practice Leader (UNDP)


Whith the participation of:

- Walmart, Costa Rica                                     

- Forest Finance, Panamá

- Banco Hipotecario de El Salvador        

- Biodiversity Partnership Mesoamérica (BPM) 

- Finca Chamberí, Honduras


To see the speakers download the event’s agenda